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Runway & Runway HX

Amputees greatly value the versatility offered by the Runway adjustable heel height prosthetic foot. Its anatomical gliding ankle maintains appropriate foot alignment to provide knee stability and consistent performance at all heel heights. Users can adjust from a flat heel for sandals or walking barefoot at home, up to a 5 cm heel for dress shoes and even cowboy boots. The Runway is the only heel height adjustable product manufactured using carbon fiber, which stores and returns energy so that users can walk farther, faster, longer. Originally launched with a push button adjustment mechanism with ten height settings, the new Runway HX allows users to make precise adjustments on the ankle side. A port in the posterior (rear) aspect of the foot shell provides access to adjust the ankle by simply turning a 4mm hex key to reach the desired position. Both the push button Runway and the Runway HX are available with an optional sandal toe foot shell, which has been redesigned to appear more natural and is capable of pleasing even the most discerning users.

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Tillbaks till produktsida

  • As the only user-adjustable heel height foot designed for active K3 amputees, the device is customized to user weight and activity to provide superior comfort and energy return
  • Adjust heel height from 0-50 mm with option of push button or 4mm hex key adjustable design
  • Anatomical “gliding” ankle design maintains appropriate foot alignment, regardless of heel height
  • Runway HX offers adjustments at any place within the 0-2″ range, compared to 10 preset adjustments with the push button design
  • New cosmetically improved sandal toe foot shell for improved user acceptance
  • Rated to 255 lbs., 36-month carbon fiber warranty, 18-month ankle mechanism warranty



Runway Catalog Information

Runway Instructions for Use

Runway Instructions for Use

Runway Instructions for Use

Fråga om produkt

Sizes: 22-28cm (Sandal toe available)
User Weight Rating: 116kg
Stiffness Categories: 1-6
Build Height (average): 3 inches
Connector: Integral male pyramid
Heel Height: 10 mm
Warranty: Foot module 36 months; Ankle 18 months.

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